NEW SERVICE ALERT: The CCSD Restart PeelAccelerate your journey toward healthy, beautiful skin with our amazing new proprietary CCSD Restart Peel. Unique to CCSD, formulated by experts and suitable for all skin types this peel promotes a smoother texture, improved tone, reduction in brown spots and wrinkles and and increase in radiance and luminosity. Containing a highly effective blend of 8 rejuvenating acids, antioxidants and an all-trans-retinol, it’s perfect for those who love to peel!

Patients will find shedding typically starts 2-3 days after the treatment and should take about 7-10 days to fully heal. As an introductory price for the month of November, CCSD patients can try this corrective treatment for $200, saving $25 on the regular price of $225. We also offer a package of 2 for $400. Call 312-245-9965 to learn more!

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